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Different Mindset

sandor transformation

Before I started my bodybuilding career, I was like every other kid, just waiting for the weekend to go out, have fun drinking and all that stuff.

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I didn’t really have any passions but something that I really love to do or motivates me to wake up every morning. One day I started watching YouTube videos about fitness and bodybuilding motivation and Immediately I felt in love with this lifestyle. I started training didn’t really know anything about diet, meal prep or calculation of anything but I keep working and learning little by little how to perform exercises, how to prepare meals, in general educating myself in other to be better and have better results doing what I love.

Today I’m having a successful career so far and I encourage any of you to dedicate yourself to what you love and no matter what happen you just don’t stop improving and working towards your goals everyday, believe it’s worth it.


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