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Do you have the time?


“I just don’t have enough time for that…”. How many times have you heard this sentence? Probably a lot. You might have said it yourself a couple of times.

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One of the most common excuses people say when avoiding physical exercise is that they don’t have enough time. But why don’t you have enough time?

There are very few people in this world who seriously don’t have enough time for a workout. Chances of you being among them is very, very slim. So what gives? Why do people still believe that they don’t have the time?

The common misconception

The first reason among a few is a prejudice which should be squashed as soon as possible. Many still believe that a good workout requires a long period of time. No, it doesn’t…

With the exception of professional athletes, a good workout usually doesn’t last much longer than an hour. In fact, depending on the type of workout you settle for, it might be as short as 20 minutes. Twenty minutes or half an hour of intense exercise can be more than sufficient if you’re using that time the right way. Just because you didn’t run a marathon does not mean you didn’t do something good for your body. Every minute you spend walking, running, cycling, or jogging counts.

Jogging young woman
If 20 minutes of jogging is all you can afford for the day then go for it. That counts as a workout too…

As a side note, having a short workout every day of the week, or at least during the workdays might be more than you think. If you add up the time you’ve spent in the gym or on the track during those shorter workouts you can easily eclipse those who spend hours during their training but only perform two workouts a week.

Finding the optimal time for a workout depends on two things. First, the nature of your goals; second, the circumstances of your everyday life. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy body during busy times, you don’t have to invest much time into developing your physique. Once you find more time you can easily establish a new timetable.

For those who can’t make it…

Now, we also have a solution for those with a seriously tight schedule. This is the second point to which people who ‘don’t have enough time’ refer. Some people are extremely busy during the day and we understand them. However, where there is a will there is a way.

Consider all the possibilities when you decide how you wish to spend the time of your day. Are you too busy, or is there a tight window of time that you could use in the morning before work? Perhaps in the evening? Opportunities such as these are plentiful, yet people overlook them quite often.

If that doesn’t work for you either consider walking to your workplace or grabbing lunch on foot. Finding ways of staying active during your day is a matter of choice and habit, nothing else. You can have a few of these “mini-workouts” and still be good for the day.

Maybe you’re just lazy

The third type of people who use this excuse are the ones who actually have plenty of time on their hands, but fall victim to laziness or procrastination.

Man taking a break from a workout
Be honest with yourself. Are you lazy or is there something you can actually do about your time management…

We procrastinate and postpone our duties because they’re difficult, painful, boring, or else. That, however, does not mean we should succumb to our lazy ways. There will be days when you just can’t seem to convince yourself to leave the bed, but those are very rare. Most of the time you can do something about the way you distribute your time. The problem is that you find it to be too much work, too much of a hassle.

Learn to accept the fact that doing good things usually isn’t easy. It will take way more effort and dedication. But ask yourself this – does your health have a price? Is there anything more important than that?

Know your priorities

All of the things you wish to accomplish in life require you to be alive and well. If you don’t make any contributions to your health then you’re taking a big risk. Don’t chase wealth and riches just to end up spending them on hospital bills later.

Find ways of doing small acts every day which will prolong your health and ultimately your life. This is the only thing you can do if you’re a busy person by nature who hasn’t got a lot of free time for anything else other than work.

If you’re just being sluggish then consider taking up something fun and creative. This way you will not only improve your health but also enjoy the activity. That way you can solve the problem of dullness.

Remember, a day has more than enough hours for you to do anything you wish. It’s only people who are poor at managing their time.

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