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Get your fitness straight – types of training

Exercising with ball

We all know what it means to exercise, right? It implies moving around, doing stuff with our bodies, lifting things, and such. However, what some of us don’t know is that not every exercise is the same in its nature. The effects which the exercises have on our bodies differ in no small amount. We chose to divide them all into five main categories.

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Those are:

  • Cardiovascular (aerobic)
  • Strength (resistance)
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and coordination

Cardiovascular or aerobic training

Exercises that raise your heart rate and pump blood through your body are those which we call cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. These exercises comprise the majority of the exercises and almost all forms of exercise activate your most important muscle – the heart. Swimming, running, cycling, and plenty others can strengthen both the blood and oxygen delivery systems and keep your heart healthy.

In order to reap the benefits of aerobic exercises, you need to stick to a regimen. Only regular sessions strengthen your body and leave significant change. This means you need to hold a steady pace during your workout sessions. Always set a goal that you wish to accomplish for the given workout. People usually take time or distance as their measuring tools. Just to give an example – you can run at the same pace for 20 minutes or swim at the same pace for a mile.

Everyday tasks represent a form of cardiovascular exercise as well. Walking might be one of the most overlooked forms of exercise and yet it’s so simple. Walk as much as you can. Your heart will be thankful.

Strength or resistance training

Resistance training drastically improves your stamina, strength levels, and bone density. All of the above are necessary when developing your physique.

Strength-building exercises are usually performed with weights. You can use dumbbells or gym machines to increase the workload. You may also use resistance bands or perform bodyweight exercises in order to develop strength.

Some of the most popular strength exercises are squats, pushups, bench press, and many others. Almost any athlete, regardless of his goal, performs resistance exercises in order to develop his fitness level.


We perform flexibility exercises in order to stretch our muscles and tendons and thus increase the range of motion of our body. By stretching we allow the muscles to elongate, causing the range of motion to extend further than before. Something very useful when it comes to performing exercises correctly.

Being flexible has many health benefits and it also helps in injury prevention. Therefore, try not to overlook this form of exercise since it can help greatly with maintaining a healthy body.

In general, there are two types of flexibility exercises: static and dynamic. As the names imply, during static exercises we focus on the stretch without engaging in movement while dynamic stretches include moving and changing positions.

Balance training and coordination

Exercises for balance are similar to flexibility exercises. They too help in preventing injuries but they also help athletes who wish to stand on their feet for long periods of time. Such are basketball players, boxers, and plenty of others who perform loads of rapid or unexpected movements.

Balance training is key for improving neuromuscular connections, something we need not only in sports but in everyday life as well. One of the most popular forms of exercise which contribute to balance development is yoga.

Coordination is described as “the ability to select the right muscle at the right time with proper intensity to achieve proper action.” In other words, smooth and precise movements.

Such movements are integral for sports. Athletes who practice sports usually dedicate the majority of their time in the gym to exercises that combine balance and coordination. Especially for those who use balls in the sport they play.

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