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Gym manners you should know

Gym instructor and a woman exercising at the gym.

Every place people go to has its own guidelines you ought to follow. Some are implied, some are written down, but they always exist. The same goes for our beloved gym and every other training facility. Even in war, there are rules.

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Does this mean that the gym is some sort of a warzone? Some people certainly act like it, tossing weights around like bombs and crying out as if they got shot. For the majority of the people (those with some manners), however, it is nothing like that.

Rather, it serves as a place for decompression, development, and growth.

Newbie or not, you should know how people are supposed to act and behave in a place such as a gym. We will outline these so-called formalities for you. Learning a little bit about gym manners will make working out a pleasant experience for you and for others around you.

Always come prepared

Rule number one when you go to the gym? Bring your gear with you.

First, bring something comfortable to wear, such as a tracksuit, a t-shirt, or shorts. Whatever suits you well. It is recommended that you use a pair of shoes you’ve already worn out a bit since they won’t cause any problems for your feet. It goes without saying, both the shoes and your clothes should be clean.

Choose a bigger bag if you have to, but always have your essentials with you

Second, have a towel with you at all times. Not only for your body but also to cover the equipment you wish to use during your training session. Also, once you’ve finished using a piece of equipment you should wipe it using the anti-bacterial wipe stations in your gym. Keep the gym nice and clean for others too.

Third, consider having a deodorant in your backpack. You might need it before a workout if you had a long day before coming to the gym. There is nothing more embarrassing than knowing you smell bad and you haven’t even started to warm up.

Take care of the equipment

The bars, dumbbells, plates, and the rest of the training apparatus belong to all the gym members, not only you. Therefore, try not to be careless with anything that you use when you go for your workout. Don’t smash things or throw them on purpose. You’re an adult so behave like one.

Exercise Machines in Gym
Gym equipment can be very expensive so be cautious with it

This one is crucial – return the freaking weights! Always. Returning the weights keeps the gym tidy and it saves up precious time for other members. There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend 15 minutes searching for a plate when you’re on a tight schedule.

Additionally, putting weights back where you found them teaches you discipline, something a lot of people lack nowadays.

Be space-conscious

Gyms can become crowded and that means that free space will be a luxury at times. When this happens take extra care of where, how, and for how long you will be performing your sets. If you can’t find enough space, try switching up your routine or share a piece of equipment with someone. Be kind to others and remember – sharing is caring.

If you see a person using the squat rack when you planned to do squats ask them politely how much have they got to wrap it up. Perhaps you can do something useful while you wait for them to finish. Sometimes, you might go set for set with a person and end up making a gym buddy. You never know.

Getting physical at the gym
Before starting an exercise make sure there’s enough space

There’s only one occupied treadmill a dozen treadmills free? Don’t jump on the one right next to the person who’s already working out. Be respectful of others’ private space. If you see someone with headphones that probably means they don’t want to be asked a bunch of questions. Pay attention to such cues.

Ask others for advice

Feeling a bit uncertain of your performance is common. When such a feeling occurs approach the fitness instructor or someone who you believe has more experience than you do. Asking for advice is always the smartest solution. People in the gym usually like helping others when sought out.

Female coach training young woman
If you’re uncertain about how something works just ask around. Better to be safe than sorry.

It does happen that people just jump in with some comments, but usually, people keep their opinions to themselves unless you ask them. Don’t be afraid of not knowing how to do something. Be afraid of missing an opportunity to learn something new.

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