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Here’s how and why you should keep an open mind even in the gym

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Over many years people accumulate knowledge regardless of their craft. Whether you are a physicist or a doctor of medicine, you will start noticing patterns in your activities and it will inevitably lead to your improvement. This phenomenon comes as a result of the struggle for perfection, desire for flawlessness.

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Naturally, you cannot reach perfection as such. Rather, to be as close to perfection as possible is what we all strive for. Making fewer and fewer mistakes is what satisfies our needs.

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Importance of keeping an open mind

Okay, so what’s the point? How does this idea manifest in sports or is it even relatable to it? Does it leave a mark on physical education as deep as it does in other sciences?

The answer is yes! Athletes are a valid source of evidence to support this claim we’ve made. Trying to score every time you take a shot is what you strive for when you’re playing basketball, don’t you? Therefore, this principle of recognizing certain patterns over time lies behind sports as well. Regardless of the game you play, it’s in your interest to reduce the number of mistakes you make. Differently put, you always wish to become better at your game.

Now, the not so great part of being human is our stubbornness. Unfortunately, this personality trait holds us back in more ways than we’d like to admit. It is one of the greatest enemies when it comes to learning new things, especially in reaching proficiency of any sort. We shall try to reflect on how being narrow-minded tampers with our sincere efforts of becoming better athletes. How our attitude towards opinions and different perspectives affect our success since we sometimes tend to neglect the knowledge accumulated by those before us.

Refusing to acknowledge any new approach

Thinking that one “miracle” drill which you’ve learned from your coach will make you the next soccer superstar is just appalling. No such thing has ever been seen and neither will it be.

Being a successful athlete implies having diversity. Moving in circles, repeating one same motoric movement, might certainly help you with developing your stroke (like in tennis i.e.) or shot greatly, but knowing how and when to play that certain type of shot is key to winning matches or tournaments. That is the reason why you should look for opportunities to try new things as often as you can.

Keep thinking of new ways in which you can apply that which you already know. Making a synthesis of what you know is a form of creation and it might come about as an invaluable asset in the future.

When you are not sure how to take your game to another level listen to what others have to say, read on the topic you want to perfect, perceive what others do or even invent something original. Be creative, challenge yourself, that is how we learn the most.

Believing to “know all there is to know”

No matter how advanced, superior, or masterful you might be in what you do, there will always be room for improvement. We only begin to deteriorate once we believe there is nothing else to be seen. The learning process is never really over and finished. That is why it is called a process.

Stay on your toes constantly. Even if you are teaching others, you will eventually see room for improvement. For example, finding where typical mistakes are made by others can accelerate the learning methods for the generations to come and so on.

It is “the stubborn mind” which tells us we know everything because it would rather not think anymore if it does not have to do so. Our minds are like that by nature. That is why they need polishing. Keep breaking your prejudices constantly and set your pride aside.

Not listening to advice others give!

Listening to what others have to say is very important if you want to succeed in sports. By far, it is one of the most useful tips in reaching new heights, especially on the lower levels. Neglecting advice from experts or professionals is never a smart idea. They’ve spent ages trying to become better and better. Surely there is something you can take from their mouths.

Words of others move us is in unprecedented ways. It can give us the wind in the back when in doubt or bring us down to our feet when we thought we accomplished something. Both are equally useful when learning and growing.

Keep track of your workouts and ask others what they believe can be fixed or improved in your own game. Those who you consider as your teachers or mentors might see your flaws better than you.

Last words

We gave you some food for thought in this article. Hopefully, some of these methodological hints bring you towards success, regardless of what you train every day in the gym.

Make sure to keep an open mind as much as possible and most importantly do not be afraid to fail. We all fail and it’s an integral part of success. Fail as much as you can. Get comfortable with it. It will make you develop more than anything else.

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