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Young woman during her morning yoga routine.

Morning routines for self-improvement

Waking up earlier to perform a morning routine is something that a lot of successful people do. “If you want to win the day, start from winning the morning”, they say. But is a proper morning routine really that important and If so, why? The majority of people looking to...

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Multiracial couple sit and rest on sofa at home

Reversing the effects of sitting

The vast majority of people today spend huge amounts of their daily life sitting. We sit while we study, work, eat, commute to our jobs, chat with our friends, etc. Sitting has become more common to us than standing, and we tend to sit as soon as the first opportunity...

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Intensive Workout with Barbell

Seriously underrated exercises worth trying

No matter how hard we try to make the optimal workout program we’re almost always bound to miss an exercise or few. This doesn’t mean that our plan is weak or that we’re underutilizing certain parts of the body. Rather, what it means is that there is just a lot...

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Woman meditating alone on hill with amazing autumn mountain view at sunset. Zen spiritual

A few lessons from Zen monks

Zen monks lead a life much different from the one the Western man is accustomed to. The values held by these two groups do collide to a certain extent, however, the emphasis on the core is usually different when put under scrutiny. We’re not interested in pointing fingers or saying...

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Female sprinter training for race competition

Game day – what to do?

Competition time rings plenty of alarms in our heads. Anxiety, sweaty palms, and a lot of thinking start kicking in. Keeping a chill mindset is far from easy at those times. There’s a huge game coming up and you just have to prove yourself, right? Once you realize you’re in...

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Group of Athletes Sprinters

Is there such a thing as ‘poor genetics’?

Those who practice a physical activity of some sort (or any type of activity, really) quickly found out about this thing called ‘genetics’ and they want to know how it works. What he or she quickly finds out is that it, meaning our gene pool, heavily determines what happens with...

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close up view of trainer writing in notebook while woman working out in gym

Are workout journals still a thing?

Journals have lost their touch. Not only training ones but all types of journals. People keep less and less track of what they do daily, how they feel, or how they wish to approach upcoming events. Running a diary of some sort used to be common practice. Planning events or...

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Waking up early? A life hack story.

Testimonials of how waking up early can magically change lives are flooding the internet. The self-improvement community has been glorifying this “super habit” ever since its inception. If you’ve ever heard of the “5 A.M. club” then you know what we’re talking about here.…

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Gym instructor and a woman exercising at the gym.

Gym manners you should know

Every place people go to has its own guidelines you ought to follow. Some are implied, some are written down, but they always exist. The same goes for our beloved gym and every other training facility. Even in war, there are rules. Does this mean that the gym is some...

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Female athlete in a crossfit workout

CrossFit – the sport of tomorrow or just an overreach?

CrossFit as a sport has experienced quite a boom in the last couple of years. Emerging as a blend of various different exercises it represents a unique approach to fitness. Plenty of people from the fitness community would choose it over any other form of exercise because it has shown...

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