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Loving Myself Again!


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My name is Eileen. My fitness journey started back in 2000. I have always been an active person until I got married. A month later I got pregnant.

Back then I was advised not to workout during my pregnancy. That made me stop with my physical activities so I gradually started to gain weight. I went from a size two and weighing 120lbs to a size 12 and weighing 145lbs. My boobs went from 34A to a 38 D. Those two together killed me and they were a huge red flag.

Having recovered from my pregnancy I wished to return to my exercising. Sadly, there were no gyms around. The only facility close to me was the YMCA training center. Two years later, I got a job there and as a result, I was given free membership.

I started doing cardio and went down to a size 5. However, it took me about two years to get there. Two months after finally having lost some weight I got pregnant again. This time I went up to size 14 and 40 F boobs. It was even harder than before. I was depressed! I wanted to give up!

I felt so bulky. At the time I was 165lbs, and me being a 5’1″ tall (short) woman made it even worse. It took me almost 15 years to become a better version of myself.

Back then we didn’t have the resources we have now. That is what helped me to get to where I am now. At times I hated myself, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. It even affected my marriage. I am glad that my husband supported me and had me get a gym subscription again. This time at a gym we found after we had moved to another state.

Now I am a size 4 and yes, my boobs are gone with the help of surgery. It was killing my shoulders and my back. Now I weigh 127 lbs. I’m still holding strong in my body. I tend to a healthy nutrition plan and I manage to have 6 workout days a week.


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