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Morning routines for self-improvement

Young woman during her morning yoga routine.

Waking up earlier to perform a morning routine is something that a lot of successful people do. “If you want to win the day, start from winning the morning”, they say. But is a proper morning routine really that important and If so, why?

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The majority of people looking to improve themselves, form cool new habits, or get more done throughout the day do indeed advocate some sort of a morning routine. And, if you haven’t already set aside some reflective time just after bed maybe you should.

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Repeating certain actions leads to a more conscious and disciplined life overall, especially if you do so in the morning. Because our brain is fresh and well-rested (if you’ve slept properly, that is) your brain will wire in everything that you do differently than it would if you did them in the evening, for example, when you’re already tired. Your brain will get tired even if you “haven’t done” anything the whole day.

So, if you really wish to form a new habit, get some peace of mind, or remember what really matters to you, it is a wonderful idea to start off by doing these things right after you wake up. What we can do to help you out with making a good morning routine is to give you a tiny push in the right direction.

We’re here to show you some of the ideas we have for your morning routine and what tricks you can use to improve your routine or form a new one if you don’t have it yet.

The first thing you want to do is:

Drop your phone

You shouldn’t clutter your mind with too much new information first thing in the morning. Checking your phone for notifications, emails, and messages will leave your mind busy because it will start processing information, some of which might not be positive at all. Besides, hearing bad news first thing in the morning? That could easily ruin the rest of your day.

Instead, we recommend you leave the phone aside during the first hour of the day. You can look at your phone and use it if you want to turn your alarm off, for example. What you don’t want to do is rush into social media and the likes. You’ll have plenty of time later in the day to reply to all the texts and emails waiting for you.

If you’re looking for improvement you need to cut out some habits that waste time. Spending too much time on your phone is just one of those things that can eat up a bunch of your time without you noticing it. Then, the next thing you want to do is to:

Make your bed

Finishing a task gives you a sense of pride and you feel like you’ve achieved more in your day. To kick things off, you want a fairly simple task, and what easier task can you find than making your bed? It’s simple, easy, and it will make your to-do list start off with a tick.

The idea behind making your bed is the following. A successfully completed task will motivate you to excel in the upcoming tasks as well. Sounds familiar? We all make a ton of plans once we do something well.

Also, having a tidy environment always comes as a boost to your feng shui, and yes, that is a thing. People with a clean room usually have a clean mind too. And if not, a clean bedroom is a good start if you wish to get there. So the next time you get out of bed, make sure to tidy up your sheets, pillow, etc.

The next self-improve idea that works wonders is to:

Form a workout and/or stretching routine

It doesn’t have to be only one of the two, we recommend both. Out of all the things in this world that you can do in order to improve your lifestyle drastically, having a morning workout or stretching session is one of the best, no ifs or buts about it. The list of why that is the case is pretty long.

Some like to work out immediately after sleep because it helps them wake up quicker. Others do it to boost their metabolism, or because they want to save up time. Some got no other time for it or they enjoy the peace of the early morning. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure – stretches and workouts will definitely improve the quality of your life and bring you closer to changing your life for the better.

There is no good morning routine without at least a few minutes of physical activity. Also, one thing that helps out many is having some sort of:

Mindfulness – meditating, contemplating or something else…

Take a deep breath and think. This is the time for you. Plan your day, think of what you want to accomplish or see happen in your life. This is the perfect time for such things since nobody is going to interrupt you and you’ve got plenty of time to finalize your plans.

If you’re in need of some calm instead, try letting go of the thoughts and meditating instead. This way you’ll be able to track your thoughts and ideas better later in the day.

Lastly, once your day starts always remember to:

Hydrate yourself

Whether you drink a whole bunch of water just out of bed or later in the day, that’s up to you. What’s important is that you don’t forget about it completely. Drinking plenty of water is a must!

It will keep your focus sharp, you won’t be as sleepy and your body will thank you for it. What other reasons do you need?

Woman drink water on bed
Always look to drink one or two glasses of water after waking up

If you’re having trouble making yourself drink more water you can set an alarm for yourself or carry a bottle of water wherever you go. That way you’ll keep your water game up and stay fresh throughout the entire day.

In the end

We hope we gave you some food for thought here with all of the recommendations we’ve listed. Remember, every change has to start somewhere and with something not-so-significant. It doesn’t matter what it seems like to you at first. No substantial change ever took place overnight.

Start off small, whether it’s just 15 minutes of meditation every time you wake up. Most of the people who have some sort of a ritual tried out something spontaneously and realized they liked it. After that, it’s so much easier to just stick to what you already got.

Thanks for reading and stay ALPHA!

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