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My Road to Being an ALPHA!

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Being 23 years old, I was really self-conscious of how I looked, felt, and how clothes just didn’t seem to fit right. At the time, I was a salesperson. So you can only imagine my nutrition. It was non-existent. But before we get into that, let me give you a little background of me. Growing up, I’ve always been on the chubbier side. Coming from a Latino background, we always got together and there was always great food to be eaten. That was my weakness, my soft spot as you can say. When transitioning from middle school to high school, my father had gotten me and my twin brother a trainer to work on our footwork, cardio and strength training for football. Throughout high school, with football being our main focus, all we did was workout, practice and school work. Graduated high school in 2009, at 189lbs.

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Just like most guys that aren’t good enough to get scouted, which was the end of football. Now 18 and out of high school I got into things that I shouldn’t have. Started to drink, party, smoke, and eat whatever I can whenever I can. I was the typical guy, I signed up for a gym membership. I would go maybe 2 to 4 times a week. Not really having a program or a clue in the world how to really train myself. After a couple weeks, the gym and the motivation to workout were gone. That went on for a couple years. Now fast forward to 23, salesperson. Nutrition was non-existent and allowed myself to get to 260lbs. I knew deep down, I needed to do something about it. I was just tired of the 2 to 3 week regimen then dwell off. What made me realize that I need to change something is when I started get stretch marks on my body. Not the good kind. I got them around my stomach, my arms, etc. I had a vast knowledge of training and nutrition from when I was training football, but I had no idea how to make this a lifestyle change.

How I did it

I had a friend, which had been getting me to go workout with her for a while. I finally caved in and said fine, I’ll do it. Little did I know what I had in store? I showed up to this warehouse, thinking I was lost. Then I was introduced to CrossFit. Remember, I’m sitting at 260lbs at the moment. I did the class, and the WOD (workout of the day) absolutely destroyed my soul and body. I fell in love. Of course, with it being new I wanted to jump right in and try it out longer. This was tough, because I couldn’t run 400m, without my knees and back giving me a problem. I had committed myself to doing 3 days a week for 4 months. Boy was I glad I did that. The community was so welcoming. Everyone’s there, with the same mindset of becoming healthier, fitter, and just great people. We started a paleo challenge. For 2 months, we would do the paleo diet, measure ourselves at the beginning and end and do the WOD at the beginning and the end to see if we’ve progressed. In those two months, I went from 260lbs to 235lbs. I was excited and happy because all my hard work and dedication had paid off. I felt accountable, that I had to be there with my fellow members. That’s what drove me to keep going because if they could do it, why can’t I? After 4 months, I committed myself to unlimited classes and access. At this time, I told my coach Cory my goals for myself and what I see myself achieving. We started doing more cardio; he put me on a strength cycle to help with my Olympic lifting and general strength training.

About a year and a half into CrossFit, I sign up for my first competition. A co-ed partner competition with one of my gym buddies. We placed 2nd, out of 3 but it was a moral victory. This had ignited something in me that I felt there for a long time. Competing. I had long craved it, and it can be fulfilled in CrossFit. Since then, I have dropped down to 218Lbs and competed in 3 competitions. This has become a lifestyle for me. I can run 3 miles without stopping. I’ve lifted weight that I could never imagine possible. I’ve competed against some great athletes and pushed my limits. But this is only the beginning. I’m hungrier now than ever, because the body is a beautiful organism. It’ll only surprise you, if you keep pushing yourself beyond those limits. This is my road…to being an ALPHA.

My message to you, with a little work and dedication anything is possible. With the right guidance, and will power you will succeed. You will have your downs, trust me I know and I’ve been through them. I’ve had thoughts of quitting and giving up, and questioning why am I doing this. Then I remind myself, I have to believe in the process and love the journey. Love the journey, and let’s become ALPHAs together!!


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