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Practical tips useful for muscle building

Giving him some workout tips

Trying to gain weight can be as challenging as losing weight. Gaining muscle mass even more so. Our bodies need time when we wish to see a change of any sort.

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Most of the time it’s our genes that dictate the pace and the efficacy of this so-called muscle-building process. Some people require years to see progress and some only need a couple of months. Unfortunately, this is something that can’t be tampered with. Nature has its own peculiar ways.

However, we’re far from helpless. There is a lot that can be done. In fact, with enough persistence and dedication, everyone can heavily impact and shape their look. But, you do have to realize that bodies are different and that you have a unique one. With that being said, we shall present a few points which could be a difference-maker. If you make some of the changes we advise here there is a good chance that you might benefit a lot so read on.

Adjusting your training volume

Jumping from one exercise to another won’t get you far if you’re building muscle and size. Be aware, doing more exercises for the same muscle group does not necessarily lead to an edge. It can actually stagnate your goals.

Rather, try spending more of your time doing more sets and reps of two or perhaps three exercises per body part. This will maximize your output next time in the gym.

Think of the good old saying – Less is more.

Calculate your gains

Yes, I know, it’s boring and nobody enjoys counting every gram of their macros. But, you just can’t argue with this method. It gets people to places where they want to be in their game and for a good reason too. Keeping count of not only the caloric intake, but also the number of protein, fats, and carbohydrates you consume on a daily basis usually reaps positive results.

Counting meals and macros sucks, but it shows results.

When counting everything that you eat you also become more aware of your food choices. Haven’t had enough calories for the day? Why not grab a doughnut or some chips? Remember, there are no inherently good or bad food choices. There are merely food options with more and less valuable nutrients. Always adapt your nutritional plan in accordance with the goals you’re trying to reach.

Most importantly, being aware of how much you eat during your day will make sure you don’t remain in the zone of maintaining your weight or even worse – going into a caloric deficit and thus losing weight. This will be good for you if you’re trying to lose size, but if not, you’re on the losing side and that’s not where you want to find yourself if size gain is the name of the game for you.

Sleep some more…

There is no food, pre-workout drink, or miracle exercise that will help out in reaching fitness goals if your sleep is lacking. The recovery phase is equally important as exercise. If your body didn’t have enough time to recover after all the stress which you’ve put on it, well, you just won’t see any change.

You simply have to sleep somewhere between 7 and 8 hours every night if your body is to rest. It is also recommended that you go to sleep at around the same time every night if your circadian rhythm allows for it.

Way too many people struggle to reach their goals because they naively believe overworking is the way to do it. It is not now and it never will be. Your body can’t do more than what it accounts for. Don’t torture yourself just because you’re not where you desire to be. In due time you will attain anything you want, but before that happens you will have to be patient.

Chill a bit

Seriously, just relax and forget about what you want to achieve. You cannot think about losing fat or gaining size all the time as that can become counterproductive. Not only for motivational reasons but for others as well.

Find something else you enjoy doing, like a hobby which will keep your mind relaxed. We tend to give too much attention to that in front or behind us when we really should be focusing on the present. Do that which allows you to center yourself and meditate.

Solving a puzzle is a great way to focus on the task in front of you

Some people like to paint, others enjoy meditation. There are plenty of ways for your mind to relax so go on and find one for yourself.

To summarize

When in doubt always think of the big three – training, nutrition, recovery. Analyze them, find ways of improving them and you will find success. If you’re ever stuck at a certain point and you just can’t put your finger on what is wrong, try assessing these three main points first. There are legit chances that something of these three is not functioning.

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