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Several reasons why you might be lacking in results and what you can do about it.

training for legs

This question comes up often when people are trying to gain size or develop their physique. The question “why am I not growing?” is used here to signify any similar question we might ask ourselves when we’re not making fitness progress. Regardless of whether you wish to lose a few pounds or gain muscle, almost everybody gets stuck at a certain point.

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However, that does not mean that you’ve reached your maximum.

Far from it…

It means you’re only getting started. Being stuck somewhere means you’ve come as far as you can with the knowledge you acquired so far. If you wish to continue making progress again you need to make a few steps in the right direction. We are here to help you out in making those steps.


Well, a lot of athletes got stuck where you are right now and they’ve managed to pull through. That means we can use their knowledge in helping you out.

Now, let’s talk more about the obstacles you might be facing. Some of these you have already encountered before, but you just weren’t sure they were causing your progress to stagnate. Others might strike you as a surprise. Whatever the case, let’s go over these crucial markers and try to resolve the most common mistakes/bad habits which prevent us from making a difference.

Cute young woman exercising with personal trainer
Breaking a plateau is always a painstaking task.

Poor dieting

Having a poor diet might be the most underrated obstacle, even though it has always been detrimental in composing a strong body. You are what you eat, essentially. If you eat poorly then your physique won’t develop how you want it to. Keep your diet as strict as possible. Try to maintain your nutrient intake in check and make sure not to skip meals.

If you’ve dedicated yourself to something then stick to it. You will be thankful later once you see the change kicking in. Remember, it doesn’t take ages to form a new habit. Dedicating a couple of weeks to strict dieting is only hard initially. Once you form a habit you won’t think about it as much.

The training section

For whatever reason, it happens every now and then that we just don’t make our best effort in the gym, on the track, or at the court. Truth is, maintaining excellence requires great effort. Doing so makes us sweat, feel pain, and all sorts of troubles come about. Therefore, we occasionally tend to avoid giving it our best.

Frankly speaking, it is almost impossible to give your 100% on every training session. However, that is not expected. What we can do instead is the following – giving our best when we realize our performance is lackluster. If it crosses your mind that you could give it more then try to do so.

Contrary to popular belief, overtraining is a phenomenon rarely witnessed. Our bodies can endure way more than what we believe. It is an impressive composition capable of a lot of things. Naturally, endurance does depend on genetics, fitness level, power of will, etc. but in general, human beings can do a lot with their bodies. You won’t deteriorate because you have a couple of swollen muscles the next morning.

Having a poor lifestyle

Not sleeping properly, consuming a lot of alcohol, staying up late, skipping workouts? All of the above can make big holes in your progress. If you wish to increase personal records, win games, and advance your training sessions you will need to say goodbye to these poor lifestyle choices.

Group Of Male Friends On Night Out Drinking Beer In Bar Together
There is nothing bad about spending a night out with your friends, but you can’t afford to do it every single night.

Therefore, take the time to make a proper schedule. Be conscious of your working hours, free time, workout sessions, and lastly, make sure you sleep properly at night.

Mental exhaustion?

One of the problems athletes face once they’ve faced constipation is downsizing in their motivation. Simply put, losing too much and winning almost nothing is not good for your morale. We all need to see results to be motivated, otherwise, we might stop with our actions since they’ll appear futile.

It’s our psyche holding us back and fighting it with even more work is not such a smart idea. Instead, taking some time off from whatever it is you’re doing might be more productive.

Dull, repetitive actions can severely cut off much-needed motivation. Try avoiding repetitive workouts at all costs. You can find room for diversity in every physical activity if you look hard enough.

Remember to think about why you went down the road you are now on. Remind yourself why you started your fitness transformation in the first place. That will motivate you to continue down the same path and show you just how far you’ve come. Personal history can be incredible motivational ignition so use it to your advantage.

Stay strong!

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