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Summer is on the way so get your chest ready and swollen!

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Nothing screams “beach body” more than a sweet, developed pair of pecs. It’s just one of the most appealing body parts to have developed if you want to impress. Regardless if you’re a guy or a girl, a tight chest fits everyone.

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Okay, so perhaps you were a bit lazy over the last few months?

No need to worry at all!

You came to the right place. Let’s get that chest up and ready for the upcoming summer so you can look top-notch.

Bench press

It is the number one on our list as it is the case so very often when it comes to chest-building exercises. Without a doubt, when you master the bench press you surely must have one heck of an upper body. This exercise is good for a lot of muscles and not only the chest that you always wished for.

How to perform?

Lay on a bench, put your hands on the bar a bit wider than the width of your shoulders, both feet firmly on the ground. Hold the bar tight and lift it up from the safety holder. Slowly let the bar come down on your chest and when you’re almost touching it, push up with full strength.

reps: Go for about 8 to 10 reps with a weight adequate to your capability. Try performing 5 sets of this exercise.

Remember: It is always better to do more reps with a controlled movement than to perform one repetition and barely make it out alive.

People bench pressing in gym
Bench press with a partner. Always a good a idea to have someone around if you’re not sure that you will be able to return the weight on your own.

Dumbbell press

An awesome isolation exercise since it mostly targets the chest muscles. If you want to hit the upper part make sure to elevate the bench, if you want to work on your middle chest then leave the bench laying flat.

To perform this exercise pick up a pair of dumbbells from the rack and lay down on a bench, whether you want it flat or elevated is up to you. Hold the weights above your chest and perform a movement similar to the bench press. Try not to lower your elbows below the 45-degree angle when going down.

Woman practicing with dumbells
Example of a dumbbell press exercise

Tip: When pushing the weight upwards try to extend your arms as much as possible. This will exhaust your chest muscles more and make the exercise more efficient.

Reps: Performing about 15 reps should make your chest burn with the right weight. Switch between weights and find the right spot. Go for 3 sets.

Cable crossover

Now, this a good exercise for the chest if performed correctly. It can immensely make your chest grow and hopefully, it will do exactly that for you.

Let’s see how to perform this one!

Set up the weight first. It is key that you do not put too much weight on the cables since this exercise might easily target the wrong muscles. Once you got that figured out, grab the end of the cable and stand firmly on the ground. Some people like to put one foot in front to help balance things out. If this works for you then please feel free to do so.

Moving on from there, you are to slightly bend forward. Back straight, neck straight and abs tightened up, you should flex your chest muscles and pull the cables in front of you. Once you reach the max extension, slowly return back to the starting position.

Reps: Try going for 4 sets of crossover cable.

Exercising on Cable Crossover Machine
The starting position of the cable crossover exercise

Push up (elevated)

The last exercise for your chest would be the good old push up, but with a tiny spin. You are to perform push-ups with some sort of elevation for your legs. Whether you are going to use a bench, weights, a ball, we leave that up to you. Get creative! You can always find a way to get some elevation.

Why focus on elevating your legs? Because with an elevated stance we target a different part of the chest. Namely, in this case, we want to target your upper chest since that part quite often gets neglected and ends up being weak.

Let’s get to it then

Sporty athlete doing push ups in gym
It is easy to find some sort of elevation if you only try

Your feet should be close and stationary at all times. Place your hands in a comfortable position in approximately shoulder-width apart. Let your body drop down until your chest almost touches the ground. When you reach the ground, hold that position for a second and push yourself up. Make sure to do the pushing with your chest muscles.

How many reps? We advise going for about 20 reps if possible. If you pull out that much for 3 reps you will have a killer chest in no time.

Final words

You have your recipe for success. Go out there and work for the look you always wanted! These chest exercises we’ve put together should keep you busy.

Stay strong!

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