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The relationship between muscles and nutrients

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Did you know that your muscles can tell you a lot about what’s going with your body? Well, if we’re going to be more precise, they can fill you in on the details in regards to your current nutrient status. The muscles do or don’t do what the nutrients allow for. There is a direct link between the two.

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To provide an example, if you’re deprived of nutrients your body muscles will be deprived of energy too. However, if you have a good nutritional intake then your muscles will follow and stay in good shape as well. We all want our bodies to function flawlessly, right? Especially if we’re on a mission to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply have a healthy body.

Today we’ll go over some of the key signs your muscles will show you once they lack certain nutrients. Also, we shall cover grounds on what you can do to alleviate those, sometimes unpleasant, signs.

Muscle pain and inflammation

Are you experiencing muscle pain and/or inflammation of your muscles? There’s a high probability you’re missing some vitamin D. More often than not, people have a lack of vitamin D in their bodies.

Sometimes vitamin D deficiency can cause those annoying back pains to occur. Not necessarily in the muscles, but rather in the whole low-back area. If you have this problem then it might be smart a smart idea to find yourself a good source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Gel Capsules and Natural Sources of Vitamin D
Fish, pepper bells, egg yolks are natural sources of vitamin D and omega’s. Also, you can find supplements of this vitamin if you prefer taking pills.

Try raising your vitamin D intake and see how your body responds. Chances are you might get some relief. If not, then there’s got to be a different, underlying, cause of the pain. Supplementing with a little vitamin D can cause no harm, yet it can prove to be a problem-solver. Definitely worth trying.

Slow recovery from exercise

Prolonged periods of muscle soreness aren’t expected once you’re maintaining a rich diet. If you can’t hit the gym again after a couple of days of rest then there is a chance you’re Omega-3 deficient. Slow recovery is often a sign that your body is missing something of the core nutrients.

Omega’s are quite abundant in fish oil and canola oil. Just like vitamin D, you can find yourself Omega-3’s in the form of a pill. Whatever you choose is up to you.

Muscle burning

If you feel muscle burns often then you might have a problem with the so-called lactic acid. Too much lactic acid in the muscles will cause a burning sensation and it is a clear sign of vitamin B1 deficiency. It can happen in the legs, often in your calves, but it can also manifest itself in other muscles as well.

This tends to happen due to too much sugar staying in your body, or in other words, incomplete carbohydrate metabolism. There are two things you can do to stop the burning sensation from happening. You can either avoid consuming too much sugar and prevent the burning from happening in the first place. Or, the other thing you can do is find a source of B1 since this vitamin gets rid of the lactic acid that causes the burning in the muscles.

As a rule of thumb, try not to consume any excess carbohydrates which you won’t use up during the day. Avoid eating too much sugar in the evening since you will go to sleep sooner than later and thus won’t be needing any sugar.

Muscle twitching

Does your triceps or eye twitch every now and then? As weird as it sounds, this problem does bug a lot of people. If you know what we’re talking about, then you might be experiencing one of these two problems:

  1. You are missing some calcium in your body
  2. Your body might be too alkaline.

Whatever the case, fear not, there is a solution.

If you need calcium you can always find it in either supplement or food choices. Try with cheese or milk if you want to make up for the deficiency via food. If not, try finding some calcium lactate or calcium in combination with magnesium. That should do the trick.

If you have plenty of calcium yet the twitching still persists then you might have the other problem we’ve mentioned and that is your body state being too alkaline. Then, what you want to try is vinegar. Small amounts of vinegar in a salad or any other dish will help you out in no time. Just make sure not to get too much of it!


Cramps in your muscles? Usually a sign of potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), or salt (Na+) deficiency. Any lack of salts or electrolytes will inevitably cause muscle cramps since the muscles aren’t getting enough nutrients delivered to them to function properly.

Calf sport muscle injury. Runner with muscle pain in leg
If you have a muscle cramp during exercise it means you’re most likely dehydrated or that your muscles had enough of it. Time to take a break!

Lastly, if your muscles are weak overall and you feel like your whole body is just heavy – get vitamin E. Specifically, try to find tocotrienols. This is a great supplement for muscle strength and you should definitely try it out.

Much thanks to Dr. Eric Berg who continues to share his invaluable knowledge with us every single day. Thanks to him, but other doctors as well, we continue to build strong and healthy bodies.

Thank you all for reading!

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