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The top 3 supplements worth your time and money

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Getting into a supplement store without any prior knowledge can leave you dazed and confused. There are shelves everywhere, stacked with all of these different names and brands of products that you probably never heard of. Who to trust? What to buy? Do you even need any of them?

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Obviously, you wouldn’t buy anything you hadn’t heard of before. That’s the main reason why you’re here in the first place. We’re here to shed some light on the supplements actually worth buying. You don’t need every single thing, obviously. That would only leave you broke and unhealthy.

In fact, we believe there is only a handful of products you might benefit from. We will name them in a few paragraphs, but first, some clarification.

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Every supplement on the market exists for a reason. Some specific products will find their buyer who will benefit greatly from whatever it is that he or she might need. However, what we’re trying to achieve here is to find an optimal set of products that an average sports enthusiast might need on an everyday basis. Therefore, we tried to narrow down the list and make it as general as possible.

Also, don’t get fooled into thinking that any supplement will ever be a substitute for having a meal or eating regularly. Don’t forget, supplements are only there as a tiny boost. For your health, macro, and micronutrients you will always have to rely on food. There is no way around it.

Lastly, consult your doctor before taking any supplement! We do not recommend you take any supplement without your doctor’s or nutritionist’s consent. With that said, let’s take a look at what you ought to look for on your next supplement buy.


This is perhaps the most famous of all the supplements we know of. When people mention protein supplements they usually think of whey protein, which is the most commonly used protein source of them all. To put it briefly, protein powder is a supplement made to increase your overall protein intake while reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

Sometimes it is made as a by-product of cheese, in the example of whey protein. However, it can also come from other food sources such as beef, rice, and various types of plants.

Having a protein shake after a workout has become popular among athletes. Protein intake shortly after a workout is rewarding.

The reason why most people make this supplement a part of their eating regimen is because it makes following a high-protein diet way easier. You don’t have to consume huge amounts of food in order to get the macronutrients your body needs.

Most protein products out there are tested and safe to consume. Research does show that there are no side effects to protein powder consumption whatsoever. As for the brand and flavor, we leave that up to you.


Creatine is a substance our bodies naturally create which helps in energy production during physical activity. The majority of creatine produced is concentrated in our muscles, but some of it can be found in our organs too.

Having an additional intake of creatine can significantly help athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. It works by expanding the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) storage in your body. ATP both stores and transports energy between your muscle cells. Therefore, by increasing the quantity of ATP in your body you also increase the potential energy levels your muscles have at their disposal.

Contrary to popular belief, creatine is a very safe supplement to consume. It is one of the most thoroughly researched products you can find in the supplement domain. Creatine monohydrate, the most popular form of creatine, has shown to carry several other health benefits regardless of performance in the gym. These include keeping your liver and brain function healthy, as well as providing aid in fighting neurological diseases.

One more great thing about this supplement worth mentioning is its price. It has a bargain price and you don’t need high amounts of creatine to experience the effects you’re looking for. That only makes this supplement even more appealing.


One of the oldest drugs known to mankind, it’s widely consumed to this day. Caffeine is an ingredient found in plenty of drinks such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks just to name a few. However, caffeine is also a supplement you can purchase in a store and consume as a powder or a pill.

This stimulant can help with weight loss, cognitive function, alertness, and most importantly for us, sports performance. Your workouts can last longer and it helps specifically with endurance workouts.

Coffee beans are a natural source of caffeine

When taking in caffeine you need to be conscious of the amounts you intake. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t exceed 400 milligrams per day. Therefore, check the labels of your favorite beverage or supplement so you don’t get it wrong. Taking too much caffeine can be dangerous and it can leave you feeling awful.

Next time before your workout, make sure you brew yourself a nice cup of coffee or green tea and see if you notice any difference. Many people can’t imagine their workouts without a pre-workout drink. It won’t do any heavy lifting for you, but it might give you an edge.

To wrap it up…

Sometimes people like to make supplements look like they’re more important than they are. Be it for business, marketing, or any other reasons. Truth be told, you don’t really need them in order to look good and have a healthy body. They can help you, yes, but they are not some sort of a miracle you desperately need in order to be fit.

It is important to understand what supplements are and how to utilize them. As the word suggests, we use them to supplement our diet. Nothing more than that. It is an additional step, a helping hand if you wish when it comes to reaching fitness goals. Truth be told, there is no easy way in life. If you want to achieve the success you need to eat and exercise.

Do your best to educate yourself and find what really helps you and what doesn’t. Every single body is different so work on finding the right supplements for you. Feel free to experiment with supplements not included on this list. We only wanted to point out to the core we believe works and gives results.

Thank you for reading!

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