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Top reasons why you need a training buddy

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Working out with your companion or friend is an idea almost as old as the idea of physical exercise itself. Having someone nearby when you’re performing your favorite exercises reaps great benefits. Today we’d like to look deeper into those perks and find out a little more about them.

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The concept of a workout partner can be detrimental in attaining new fitness horizons. Your workout partner can even save your life, literally! Situations in which you might use a helping hand in a gym are innumerous. Therefore, let’s jump straight to the reasons why you should start looking for one immediately.


We start off with consistency. Almost every single athlete who attends the gym by himself knows how tempting it can be to skip a workout every now and then when you lack motivation. Those days can severely hold you back in making a fitness statement. However, this is exactly where the role of your training buddy comes into play.

Just because you’re having a rough day doesn’t mean your partner is experiencing the same. He or she can remind you of just how important every single workout is and why you should get your lazy ass out of the bed and go for it. Relying on your buddy for an energy boost that you’re temporarily missing does come with a price though. You need to be ready to return the favor when the tables turn and your partner is the one feeling down.


If you’re the type who is begging for a challenge every time someone mentions pushups or making three-pointers then consider having a partner to call. Having someone around might be the perfect solution for you since some people simply crave external motivation or a sort of scoff in order to get up and do what needs to be done.

Moreover, your friend can pump you up and convince you of your strength when you’re in lack thereof. Doubts can cloud the minds of even the most confident athletes.

I dare you to keep up with me!
Ask your friend if he or she can keep up with your pace. That will keep them going!

Additionally, your partner can also dissuade you from doing something stupid and suffering an injury. Every now and then we like to think we’re Arnold Schwarzenegger… but, that’s only a fantasy. That’s why having a partner is like killing two birds with one stone. He can blow wind at your back, but also sober you up.

Second opinion

Learning from mistakes is quite a painstaking method of learning something new, albeit, an effective one. Constructive criticism can make or break the quality of your performance. Whether you’re trying to master your high kick, swim a flawless stroke, or perfect your lifting technique, having someone equally as skilled or more by your side can be an exceptional tool for practice. Keep that in mind.


If you hit the gym with your training buddy he can always help you with the heavy lifting. In actuality, it is never recommended to lift heavy without someone backing you up. Why rely on a stranger in the gym when you can have someone who you trust instead?

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Spotting is necessary if you want to set a new personal best or try out something new for the first time. Consider it to be your free insurance policy.

Plenty of fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, they say. That is why you should try enjoying the time you’re spending at the gym and not only focus on killing your workouts. Having a training partner makes sure this never happens.

It doesn’t matter if you two sing the song on the radio, crack a couple of jokes, or brag about the president. The paramount thing here is laughter. It’s good for your health too, you know.

There's no competition
Be like a kid – always search for new ways of having fun

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