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The ultimate home workout for you

The ultimate home workout for you

Regardless of the reason why it just so happens that sometimes you have to stay in your house or flat. You’re stuck there and you can’t move for a time. It happens.

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You can’t go to the gym and that’s a bummer. But, that doesn’t mean that you are out of options. There are ways of staying active and fit, even in the four walls of your home. Not only that, but you could also use this situation to benefit from it and build muscle if you hadn’t had a workout in a while.

Some of the exercises you can perform wherever you happen to be. You do not need a lot of space nor special equipment to make it work. If you have a room with a little bit of empty space you should be just fine. Here we go!

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Jumping jacks

First, start off with a minute of jumping jacks. These should get your blood pumping and your body warmed up.

It’s a great exercise to get the laziness out of your bones. It will also warm up your joints, which you will need for the rest of the workout.

Do not wait too long after having completed the jumping jacks. Go straight to the next exercise.


Immediately after you’ve done your warm-up, you may go down to the push-up position. If you’re a beginner then go for 10 controlled reps of push-ups. If you are advanced in your fitness, then you might go for as many as 25 pushups. Perform 3 sets.

Keep the tempo moderate. You shouldn’t rush when performing these exercises. The point is to feel the muscles of your body that we want to target and in this instance it the pectorals that we’re aiming at.

We’re not done with pushups just yet.

Rotational push-ups

After a set of regular push-ups, it’s time to spice things up a little bit.

Like before, prepare yourself for another set of pushups. However, after you touch the ground with your chest and end up in the starting position of the push-up, rotate your right arm upwards, facing the ceiling while maintaining your balance with your left arm. Hold your arm straight, facing the ceiling for a second, and then return back to the starting position. Make sure to switch the balancing arm on the next rep.

A good 10 reps should do the trick. If it doesn’t, feel free to do as much as 20 reps or more. Just like earlier, aim for 3 sets.

Let’s move on.


Now that we’ve targeted the upper-body it’s time to work on the rest, starting with your lower body.

The best exercise for activating your quads, hamstrings, and gluteus is the squat. To perform the squat make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, stable on a rough platform or ground. What matters most is that you don’t lose your balance halfway through the rep.

After you find yourself in the most comfortable position make sure you stay thoughtful of some markers. Mostly, your knees should never be facing inwards. It’s mandatory to keep them in a straight line at all times during your set. If you feel that you’re losing control over them that means that set is finished. Get some rest.

Secondly, look out for the depth of the movement. You will not get enough muscle activation unless your squat is deep enough. Make sure to go slightly below the 90-degree angle. However, don’t go way more below that unless your ankles are mobile. If you do so, you might compromise your stance as well as your back health.

With all that in check, it’s time to get down to business. 

Performing a set of 10 reps should be great for starters and if you are a pro then do at least 20 reps. Perform 2 sets.

Rest, breathe, and then repeat. Another set of 10-20 reps and you will already feel the muscles burning. That is good, we want that to happen.

One leg glute-bridge

Okay, now we’re gonna hit those glutes a little bit more. They are often weak if you sit a lot so this should help you in many ways.

Your starting position should be sitting right next to a bed or a chair (if it isn’t too tall). Your both feet are firmly on the ground and your back is straight. Half of your back and your arms should be resting on your bed or chair.

Proceed to lift one of your legs and rotate your body backward as you lift your leg. Try keeping your stance as stable as possible at all times during your set. Only lift your body up with the strength of your glutes.

Perform 10 reps with both legs and that should complete one of your sets. Perform 3 sets in total.


Now, we shall perform a few sets of lunges. This is the final exercise for your legs so hang in there!

Your starting position should be standing upwards with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Make a step forward and lunge as you make your step. Your body should follow your step. Keep focused since it might become hard to keep balance until you get a hold of the exercise.

Make sure to perform an equal number of reps for both legs. Doing 10 reps for both legs should be enough to get your muscles fatigued. Aim for 3 sets of this exercise as it requires a large number of reps to be efficient.

You can either perform 10 reps starting with your left leg and then switching to your right, or you can switch your stance leg every rep.


Now, that we’ve activated both your upper and your lower body it is time to find the middle. That means we’re going to work on your core. 

The first core exercise we will perform is the plank. Planks are a great exercise since they exert a lot of muscle activation. Keep your body in a straight line at all times and most importantly, don’t drop your butt! It’s key to keep your whole body in a line during the exercise because you simply won’t get enough muscle involvement otherwise.

Lay down on your elbows with your belly facing the ground. Hold the weight of your body on your elbows and your toes. Keep your feet relatively close and try not to move them during the exercise.

This is an isometric exercise which means it’s all about holding one position and not moving too much. With that in mind, keep your muscles flexed at all times for at least 30 seconds. If you are a bit stronger you could hold your position for up to a minute or so.

Perform 3 sets of this exercise and you should do great.


To top things off, let’s add another set of crunches.

Lay on the ground, back straight with your stomach facing the ceiling. Keep your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Bend your body slightly forward and try to touch your knees with your hands.

Ideally, you want to push yourself upwards with your abs as much as possible. It would be great if you do not have to involve any other muscles during the exercise.

The number of reps should be at least 10. However, the goal of this exercise is – slow and steady movement. Inhale slightly before you begin your movement, and keep your belly tucked in during the exercise. Move upwards until you touch your knees and back to your starting position without exhaling. Only as you’ve reached your starting position should you exhale. Rinse and repeat.

Make sure to take deep breaths otherwise you might get dizzy.

That is it!

With this last exercise, we’ve activated most of the body. This combination of exercises should make you feel more energized, but also a bit fatigued. Keep in mind that the pauses between every set should be relatively short, otherwise your body won’t be tired as much.

Stay healthy and fit regardless of where you are!

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