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From Zero to a Hundred

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Why I Got Started

I was feeling really bad already about the way I looked in the mirror or the way clothes would look on me. Unfortunately, I had also developed a really bad eating habit which is what it took for me to look like that, and was even more unfortunate that I didn’t realize how much fat I was gaining. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Oh man, how did I get here?”

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For most people including myself, when you get to that point you just give up, because you tend to think that it is impossible to change, or that it is going to be really difficult. If you add up these types of situations: the fact of not knowing anything about proper nutrition, many other wrong theories and misconceptions like: “Don’t eat carbs if you want to lose weight,” or “You need to eat fruits and veggies only, because meat and carbs will stop you from losing weight,” plus the environment we are exposed to every day; it can take any person of normal weight to obesity very quickly – especially an unhealthy and low-esteemed individual.

Another critical thing that made me want to change as dramatically as I did was going to the beach. I would feel bad taking my shirt off (or not) in front of friends because either way it would show a sign that there was something wrong.

One of the main important elements that made me realize early enough was my family. Like any family, they always wanted the best for me. Starting with my mother, she would tell me, “Hey, watch out, you are eating too much,” or “Are you going to eat again at this time?” Also my uncle, who luckily enough for me is a bio-chemistry scientist, always advised me how bad it was to drink too much soda or any soda at all, and how much sugar was in it.

These types of situations allowed what I had left of my conscience to start throwing red flags and warnings signs that I needed to change a lot of things in my life, starting with my physique, to eating healthy, to exercise, to quitting smoking and to stop drinking alcohol.

My mentor and great friend: Jeff Schwartzer

How I Did It

I woke up one day thinking I had to do something about. Went on the computer and started doing research, finding programs that would give me a basic knowledge about how to train and eat. I started a 12 month program and followed it without any deviation. The moment I noticed the changes from a month worth of hard work and dedication I said “that’s it, I won’t stop and see how far I can get” The motivational videos I would watch because more than a tool: they got me started into thinking I would like to pursue a bodybuilding path, and some day look like a bodybuilder.

After a year of hard work, dedication, frustration ( yes, that goes on along the way as well ) & perseverance I decided that I wanted to start doing things in an even more focused way to pursue a bodybuilder physique in the next few years to come. I was luck and blessed to meet Jeff Schwartzer, whom I’ve been working with for the past four years. We went from basics all the way to stepping on stage for my first bodybuilding show on December, 2015. Jeff’s help and guidance has been amazing, it has definitely been a huge impact in my life since we started working together. Knowledge is power, and all his years of experience precedes his reputation and success with every single person he works with.

I always had what we today call ( the inner ALPHA ) screaming inside of me for help, telling me I was doing things wrong. I would’ve never thought I was going to turn my lifestyle that way. Therefore my message to you is that yes you can do it, even when you believe there’s no way or that you wouldn’t have a chance to achieve anything you want in life. Focus and center yourself, listen to your inner ALPHA and go and give it your best shot. Aim for a small result, that will be your sign that you are on the right track.


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