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Fish oil capsules with omega 3

Should you choose fish oil as a supplement?

People have been using fish oil supplements for quite some time now. Some people don't like fish but want the healthy benefits, others have health related issues so their doctor advised omega-3's. This is because fish oil is firmly believed to bring many positive health benefits and there are also...

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young fitness woman drinking energy water during stretching muscle in the park outdoor

Should you drink water during your workout?

This question of whether or not you should be drinking something during your workout is extremely important and comes about our way frequently. It is somewhat a "common-sense" problem, but those are always easy to mess up. Let's not do that.

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Athletic man skipping rope at gym

HIIT workout routine

"HIIT" or "High-Intensity Interval Training" is extremely popular in the fitness industry of today. It has gained its status thanks not only to the health benefits which it offers but also because of its time-saving nature. Truth be told, this type of exercise has been around for ages, it's just...

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Fitness model with dumbbells

A full day of eating to get lean!

Let us assume that you've reached a point where you're content with how much muscle you've packed. Far fetched thought, we know. But if you ever do reach that point, what then? Well, in that case, you can shift your attention to getting those muscles out in the open -...

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Personal trainer with clipboard making workout plan in gym

A full week of workouts

Today, we're going to give you an example of what your week of workouts might look like. We will talk about the so-called "workout split", why and how you want to practice it, and whether or not it is efficient. There are plenty of other ways in which you can...

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Young woman during her morning yoga routine.

Morning routines for self-improvement

Waking up earlier to perform a morning routine is something that a lot of successful people do. "If you want to win the day, start from winning the morning", they say. But is a proper morning routine really that important and If so, why? The majority of people looking to...

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Assortment of food containing magnesium

Magnesium as a supplement?

truggling from magnesium deficiency is a common problem for the average American. Almost 80% of all the population in the States have had Mg (chemical symbol for Magnesium) deficiency and suffered some of the many symptoms as a result.

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Multiracial couple sit and rest on sofa at home

Reversing the effects of sitting

The vast majority of people today spend huge amounts of their daily life sitting. We sit while we study, work, eat, commute to our jobs, chat with our friends, etc. Sitting has become more common to us than standing, and we tend to sit as soon as the first opportunity...

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Motivational Workout in Gym

Why everyone needs to learn the 2-minute rule

If we ask ourselves "what is the most important component of motivation?" we don't have to look far. The answer lies right in front of our noses - habits. More precisely, forming them. Motivated people are the ones who formed a habit of doing whatever it is that they want...

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Physical activity for longevity

Longevity implies living a longer life. It is ultimately what each and every one of us wishes for, isn’t it? Living longer is the go-to reason for the majority of people to start practicing some form of physical activity, be it strength training or cardiovascular training. But does it make...

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