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It's all Confidence, Motivation & Mindset

Lifestyle Transformations, the ALPHA Way!

This is your area for Motivation. There is nothing special about these people here. It’s all Self Confidence, Motivation & Mindset and about gathering all the necessary tools to start your journey and enjoying it along the way towards an ALPHA Transformation.

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My Crazy 14 Week Transformation!

I have been a personal trainer for over fifteen years. I have always kept myself in good shape, however, I had never competed in any kind of bodybuilding competition and it was something I had been thinking about doing for many years. In early 2020 I decided that this was...

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If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!

I am a busy wife, a mom of three kids under 4 years old, and a full-time teacher in Canada. I spent my entire adulthood tackling weight issues and making a million excuses as to why I would never be successful.When I finished having kids, I realized that I could...

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Same Shirt, Different Fit – Same person, Different Mindset

This throwback photo is somewhere between 5 to 6 years old. Back then, I was around 180-190lb. That was what I used to consider to be my “normal” bodyweight after the army.The photograph on the left shows how much I weigh today – 185lb! No big difference in comparison to...

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Loving Myself Again!

Hi! My name is Eileen. My fitness journey started back in 2000. I have always been an active person until I got married. A month later I got pregnant. Back then I was advised not to workout during my pregnancy. That made me stop with my physical activities so I...

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ximena scaled e

Balance and Consistency Is Key!

Hi there! My name is Ximena. My fitness journey started back in 2016. That year I participated in a bikini show competition. I never thought I could get so far on my very first show, but I proved myself wrong! I won second place and I was thrilled because of...

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Kaylyn’s Journey

All throughout my life I have been athletic. I grew up playing soccer, did gymnastics for 11 years, danced for 7 years, and even embarrassingly played basketball for 2 years. I never was skinny but I always knew I was thicker. Which of course I didn’t mind. Once I got...

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kara barnett

Healthy Mind and Confidence

For several years I struggled with being overweight. I had awful anxiety and depression. I never posted pictures of myself anywhere, I didn’t want people to see how unhappy I was. I ate whatever I wanted. I was very lazy. About 8 months ago, I realized I needed a change....

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Living My Best Life

Health wasn’t an importance in our home growing up. Staying active & playing sports was, but more so for the social part of things. My parents weren’t very educated on healthy eating. We didn’t eat out a lot, but mom’s good ol’ home cooking wasn’t always the healthiest. ESPECIALLY when...

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alexa alpha territory post

Reaching My Goals

Before I started bodybuilding, I was a larger girl. I was always athletic, but just bigger than most people in sports. I moved to Hawaii on my freshman year of college, and did the whole “freshman 15” thing. Except, it was way more than 15. I have no idea how...

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mario transformation

Average to Alpha

My story starts way back in April 2013. I was young, dumb, and heavy on the throttle of my motorcycle. As many would of guessed by now I crashed. I ended up in a coma for 3 weeks with a fractured pelvis and 3 fractured vertebrae. Doctors said I would...

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