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woman chooise apple or donut - diet and good nutrition lifestyle, fruit and donut

Why the way we talk about food needs to change…

Usually, when we talk about food we consider two main categories – healthy and unhealthy food. The well-established trend of “healthy vs unhealthy” food is still popular today even though a lot of what we know about nutrition has changed significantly. We believe this etiquette to be inadequate and shabby....

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Potential benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular sports we know of. It’s been around for ages and people love it. Not only is the activity itself fun but it has a lot of benefits to its name too. That is why people often choose swimming as their go-to when in...

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Group of people exercising their legs doing cardio training in g

How to build strong calves?

Developing your physique necessitates a lot of time as we’ve all come to realize. Unfortunately for those who want big and aesthetically pleasing legs, the calf muscle group is no different. More often than not calves are dependent on genetics. That is precisely the reason why some people who never...

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close up view of trainer writing in notebook while woman working out in gym

Are workout journals still a thing?

Journals have lost their touch. Not only training ones but all types of journals. People keep less and less track of what they do daily, how they feel, or how they wish to approach upcoming events. Running a diary of some sort used to be common practice. Planning events or...

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Waking up early? A life hack story.

Testimonials of how waking up early can magically change lives are flooding the internet. The self-improvement community has been glorifying this “super habit” ever since its inception. If you’ve ever heard of the “5 A.M. club” then you know what we’re talking about here. Is it for a good enough...

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