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Physical activity for longevity

Longevity implies living a longer life. It is ultimately what each and every one of us wishes for, isn’t it? Living longer is the go-to reason for the majority of people to start practicing some form of physical activity, be it strength training or cardiovascular training. But does it make...

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Hard training

Core principles of training to failure

Training to failure means working out until full exhaustion or to the point where your muscles cannot contract further and rest is mandatory. Because of immense stress on your muscles, a temporary blockage of neurological pathways occurs. As we said, it’s temporary and after a while, you can use your...

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Intensive Workout with Barbell

Seriously underrated exercises worth trying

No matter how hard we try to make the optimal workout program we’re almost always bound to miss an exercise or few. This doesn’t mean that our plan is weak or that we’re underutilizing certain parts of the body. Rather, what it means is that there is just a lot...

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Waiting for stamina recovery. Tired after workout. Having rest in the gym for box sport training

Resting periods – everything you need to know

Introduction The topic we wish to touch grounds on for a bit is that of workout optimization. Specifically, we’re interested in rest periods and what role they play in perfecting your workouts or rather optimizing them. Rest periods are important to us for a number of reasons. As much as...

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Woman meditating alone on hill with amazing autumn mountain view at sunset. Zen spiritual

A few lessons from Zen monks

Zen monks lead a life much different from the one the Western man is accustomed to. The values held by these two groups do collide to a certain extent, however, the emphasis on the core is usually different when put under scrutiny. We’re not interested in pointing fingers or saying...

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Female sprinter training for race competition

Game day – what to do?

Competition time rings plenty of alarms in our heads. Anxiety, sweaty palms, and a lot of thinking start kicking in. Keeping a chill mindset is far from easy at those times. There’s a huge game coming up and you just have to prove yourself, right? Once you realize you’re in...

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Group of Athletes Sprinters

Is there such a thing as ‘poor genetics’?

Those who practice a physical activity of some sort (or any type of activity, really) quickly found out about this thing called ‘genetics’ and they want to know how it works. What he or she quickly finds out is that it, meaning our gene pool, heavily determines what happens with...

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Home Fitness Black Woman Training Abs On Swiss Ball

Killer abs with just a few simple exercises

Today we will tackle one of those flashy muscle groups which everybody likes to talk about. That’s right, we’re gonna talk about abs. Nothing shines like a well-built six-pack, right? There are plenty of reasons why you want to build strong abs and if you’re thinking “Oh I wanna look...

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Sports woman takes supplements or vitamins at gym

The relationship between muscles and nutrients

Did you know that your muscles can tell you a lot about what’s going with your body? Well, if we’re going to be more precise, they can fill you in on the details in regards to your current nutrient status. The muscles do or don’t do what the nutrients allow...

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Focusing to achieve victory

Focus on your workout with these core elements

If you’re a regular gym member then you must know by now how easily a workout can slip away from your hands. One phone call or a problem from work that just can’t leave your mind is enough for you to lose the motivation and forget why you came to...

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