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Large group of multi generation people running a race competition in nature.

What is the real ‘competition’?

There is no one, definite explanation of what competition means. There are numeral ways one can approach the topic of competence and what it represents. In this article, we want to talk about one not-so-popular albeit crucial understanding of competition, important for the likes of an athlete. Competition is… well...

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Beautiful young woman relaxing in Finnish sauna

Interesting benefits of sauna bathing

Sauna bathing has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, originating most likely from Europe and later spreading all over the world. Sauna baths are popular not only for relaxation purposes but for health and wellness reasons too. Many fitness facilities have a sauna at their disposal ready...

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Nordic Walking Mountain Trail

Walking as an exercise – here’s what you should know!

Let’s not allow ourselves to ignore walking as a form of exercise. It is our physical exercise heritage from the earliest days of our species. We’ve forgotten about it a bit these days since we don’t walk as nearly as we used to do. However, walking can be one of...

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Young beautiful spreading hands with joy and inspiration at meadows.

What part visualization plays in reaching goals?

People often say that it’s easier to dream a dream than it is to actually live it. By ‘living’ the dream we mean putting in hard work consistently towards something you want to see manifest in your life. The master plan you came up with won’t accomplish itself now, will...

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Back pain of business person

Back pain recovery – the real remedy

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that “rest only” methods might not be the optimal recovery tool. Re-engaging in sports and regular exercise through mobility and drill-like movements could be the answer. There are some specific injuries that will require full rest. However, those are rare...

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