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diet supplement

The top 3 supplements worth your time and money

Getting into a supplement store without any prior knowledge can leave you dazed and confused. There are shelves everywhere, stacked with all of these different names and brands of products that you probably never heard of. Who to trust? What to buy? Do you even need any of them? Obviously,...

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Exercising with ball

Get your fitness straight – types of training

We all know what it means to exercise, right? It implies moving around, doing stuff with our bodies, lifting things, and such. However, what some of us don’t know is that not every exercise is the same in its nature. The effects which the exercises have on our bodies differ...

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Female athlete in a crossfit workout

CrossFit – the sport of tomorrow or just an overreach?

CrossFit as a sport has experienced quite a boom in the last couple of years. Emerging as a blend of various different exercises it represents a unique approach to fitness. Plenty of people from the fitness community would choose it over any other form of exercise because it has shown...

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Fit young women smiling after a workout at the gym

Top reasons why you need a training buddy

Working out with your companion or friend is an idea almost as old as the idea of physical exercise itself. Having someone nearby when you’re performing your favorite exercises reaps great benefits. Today we’d like to look deeper into those perks and find out a little more about them. The...

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Sporty girl with dumbbells

Full-body dumbbell workout designed to develop your physique

Alongside the famous barbell and all of its perks, dumbbells might be the main piece of equipment fitness geeks love and simply can’t live without. They are a commodity that can not only be found in every single gym that you step into, but also in your bedroom, the garage,...

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