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My Crazy 14 Week Transformation!

I have been a personal trainer for over fifteen years. I have always kept myself in good shape, however, I had never competed in any kind of bodybuilding competition and it was something I had been thinking about doing for many years.

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In early 2020 I decided that this was going to be my year to finally get to step on stage for the first time. I registered for my competition with PCA at a First Timers event to compete in the Trained Bikini category, it was booked for June. Luckily I had not started my “prep” yet because in March we got struck by our first UK lockdown. It was then announced that the show would be postponed until the 10th of October. I was really excited about this as the number 10 has always been a lucky number for me and the 10th of October is also my father’s birthday.

In June 2020 I decided to hire an online coach to help me prepare for my first show as it was something that was totally new to me and I was aware that I would have to get very lean very quickly in order to achieve the lean muscular look that is required for this particular category. I also hired a “posing coach” who taught me my posing routine through “facetime” sessions only. I focussed harder than ever on dieting religiously, weight training five days a week, practicing my posing routine as well as doing plenty of cardiovascular exercises every day for my fourteen weeks of preparation.

For the first part of my prep, I was training at home with home-based equipment since we were under lockdown whilst in the second part I was training back at the gym as the lockdown restrictions were lifted. On the 10th of October I stepped on the PCA stage in Birmingham town hall, I competed against 7 other amazing athletes, and to my amazement, I won second place in my category and I also won an invitation to compete at the British Finals in 2021.

I was super happy with my achievements at the show and also with my overall transformation! I enjoyed the entire experience and I actually can’t wait to compete again in October 2021. I have since started up my own online coaching company called ME Fit. My specialties include Weight Loss, Toning & Body Transformations.


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